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Welcome to is a divisional website of Biotech Essentials, LLC - a biotech and lab supply company. At, we sell gloves, lab coats, lab goggles and more. In general, Biotech Essentials distributes and sells a wide array of biotech products ranging from lab equipment to lab supplies: labware, lab plastics, lab glassware, cell media and reagents, solutions, chemicals, pipets, reagent containers, cell culture flasks, assorted safety gloves, lab coats and facemasks, (and many more) from various manufacturers.

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Adenna VITEX™ Synthetic Powder Free Exam Gloves

Suitable for all medical and non-medical applications. They are ambidextrous (can fit in left or right hand) and are latex-free.

VITEX™ Synthetic Powder Free Exam Gloves are made of a special PVC blend that looks and feels like latex gloves. With an exceptional snug fit and stretchability, they are less baggy than regular vinyl gloves and provide superior tactile-sensitivity.


*** Price is for a case of gloves (1000 gloves/case)***

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